Claire Reneé – Yes You Are

#NewMusic from BX x LA, USA

No joke, we thought this was the start of a new Limp Bizkit track when we heard the effected vocal count in. It’s not! ‘Yes Your Are from US based Claire Reneé is some damn laid back beat and guitar vibes with a luscious vocal layer on top. From the ‘Let Me Glo’ [EP].

Spotted on Eucalypt.

alayna – Falling Autumn

#NewMusic from Brooklyn, USA

Newcomer alayna offers beautifully soft and sweet vocals on her debut ‘Falling Autumn’. Presented over a bed of clean guitar licks, a thick slab of slow bass drones and atmospheric sounds to drift away to, it’s a heady combo and well worth a look.

Production from Astronomyy. Released on 20xx.

NIIA – Hurt You First

#NewMusic from Los Angeles, USA

A very classy, stylish track and video from NIIA for ‘Hurt You First’.

Looks like she’s reading the stocks pages in the paper at 1:15. Who’d have guessed!?