Fat Freddys Drop – Blackbird

It’s been a while since we at Dash ‘n’ Verve HQ piped up with something to say. It’s been a pretty barren patch musically in our humble opinion, but this news certainly warrants a post. This news is so big, we are still trying to drink in the enormity of it all. Ok, here goes …


Why is this such big news I hear you ask? You’ve clearly not listened to their phenomenal prior offerings. May we suggest you hot foot it to your nearest record store (yes, go to a shop that has walls and people and sells 12″ vinyl) and buy yourself the following:

Live at the Matterhorn

Based on a True Story

Dr Boondigga and the Big BW

Now, to whet your whistle for what’s to come, here’s the first single “Silver and Gold” that the band put out a few months back.

Hit up the Fat Freddy’s Drop website to register for the chance to win tickets to the London album launch party on Wednesday 26 June 2013. Oh boy!!!


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