Court Is In Session

I put it to you that the Messrs Vynehall, Sheppard, Peterson and Benstead represent all that is good about the British music scene. Exhibit A: Gilles Peterson dropping an exclusive of EGL037, King Bromeliad (Saturday 22 March 2014, 6 Music). Here we have a big, bustling jazz-infused stomper from Floating Points, co-founder of the ever … Continue reading Court Is In Session


Bok Bok feat. Kelela – Melba’s Call

Having teamed up previously on Kelela's game changing 2013 mixtape (it's not a mixtape, it's an album but let's not split hairs) for tracks Guns & Synths and A Lie, Bok Bok and Kelela have once again joined forces to deliver a jittery hyper-funk belter - Melba's Call. Kelela's vocal is soft and playful layered … Continue reading Bok Bok feat. Kelela – Melba’s Call