David Bowie – The Man Who Fell To Earth

We’re not going to claim to have been huge Bowie fans and aficionados at DV Towers, but when someone who has undoubtably influenced so much of what we hear, see and love in the modern artistic world passes, we have to pay homage.

160111 - Space Oddity

I clearly remember my first encounter with Bowie’s music, it was Year 2 at school and we were learning about space. Our form teacher put on Space Oddity and the class sat their rapt for the full five minutes that it played out. When it drew to a close, I innocently raised my hand to ask whether it was a true story. So vivid and real were the images conjured by the narrative of the lyrics, in that moment I believed that it was. Somewhat ironic that my last memory of Bowie whilst he was still alive was hearing that same song last night on BBC 6 Music. The imagery it generated still just as powerful.

The creative world lost a true star today. But like the beacons of light that illuminate the night sky, Bowie will live on through his output for many, many, many years to come.


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