Suzanne Kraft – What You Get For Being Young

Having burnt out the Soundcloud sampler for Suzanne Kraft's new album 'What You Get For Being Young', we at DnV have been eagerly awaiting the release proper (and yes, it's coming out on vinyl). As you would expect from soundscape explorer Kraft, it's layer upon layer of lushly crafted synths, softly compiled drum shuffles and delicately balanced … Continue reading Suzanne Kraft – What You Get For Being Young


Yussef Kamaal – Black Focus

Shame, shame shame on us for not bringing this monumental piece of work to your attention when it was first released at the start of the month. Yussef Kamaal's debut offering - 'Black Focus' brings something to the UK jazz, funk scene that we have been hankering after for quite some time. So, who … Continue reading Yussef Kamaal – Black Focus

Jorja Smith – Something In The Way

Here's a little simply sublime slice of neo soul to warm you up as winter looms and the nights draw in. A haunting choral introduction may appear a touch misleading of the song that develops but in fact becomes a strong motif throughout the song. A kick off of a slow drum groove, shuffled along by the ever present shakers. … Continue reading Jorja Smith – Something In The Way

L.M.Y.E. – Manhattan

This is a pure dance floor delight. We could leave it at that and let the track play out to justify the accolades it deserves, but that wouldn't be a DnV post now would it. The temptingly building and unashamedly 2-step beat coupled with the "ruff 'n' tuff" underbelly of the track delivered by the bass line and it's … Continue reading L.M.Y.E. – Manhattan

Sixtus Preiss – Rare Earth [EP]

It's a 'Rare Earth' indeed when we are lost for words, but we really struggled to find the right ones to do justice to this formidable release from the Austrian powerhouse; Sixtus Preiss. The diversity of sounds and moods that the EP offers is pretty mind blowing. From the aggressive and spacious shuffle step of 'Common' to … Continue reading Sixtus Preiss – Rare Earth [EP]

Common – Black America Again

In an age of heightened global political tension, divided communities and with the whiff of revolution in the air, it comes as no surprise that hip-hop heavyweight Common has something to say. His eleventh* studio album 'Black America Again' has been crafted from the same cook book as the previous ten with its mix of styles, tempos and collaborations, … Continue reading Common – Black America Again