Roberto – Lunar Waves

New sounds from Toronto heavyweight Roberto and it’s a cracker.

Opener ‘In The Galleria’ has a pretty sublime aqueous beginning before it drives forward with a weighty low end punch, interspersed with more watery breaks and rapid digital panpipe runs. There’s a great shimmering bounce to title track ‘Lunar Waves’ which really opens out as it progresses.

Closer ‘When U Come Around’ has really grabbed us though. There’s a rich texture from the pads that lie beneath the repeating synth motifs which fade in and out throughout. The drums feel as they’ve been bathed in sunshine for an afternoon. This one’s could easily sweep you down an open, empty highway as you make your way into some unknown city on a summer road trip (it’s summer somewhere in the world right now).

‘Lunar Waves’ is out tomorrow on No Bad Days.