Mickey Pearce – Top 5 Goat Memes [EP]

Having put out his first full length LP* earlier this year, it’s a return to more dance floor primed tracks on firm DnV favourite Mickey Pearce’s latest release.

The sound is a mix of a lot of things that in your and our heads couldn’t come together coherently, but in the mind of Mickey Pearce all make sense. Formidable low frequencies, shatteringly abrasive kicks, discordant tin can rattles and shimmering synth stabs all infectiously fused.

There’s still a hint of the tribal flair that hooked us when we reviewed ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Get / I Am back in 2012, but as we mentioned then and we’ll say again now, Mickey Pearce doesn’t stand still, his sound progresses with every new release and the same is true here.

Another head scrambling power play, we expected nothing less. ‘Top 5 Goat Memes’ is out on Ten Thousand Yen now. Photo credit to Steve Braiden.

* The album ‘Michael’ was released on Swamp 81. It’s ‘Polyester’ and ‘August’ all the way for us.


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