Omar – Love in Beats

We have been very excited for the full release of UK, nay, World music legend Omar’s new album ‘Love in Beats’ since he tickled us with a few tasters last year. Yesterday it finally came and we were not disappointed.

It’s been over 30 years and 8 albums (including this one) since Omar first hit the scene, arguably garnering the most attention with the release in 1991 of the instant classic ‘There’s Nothing Like This’ from the album of the same name. His style may have evolved over that period, but at its heart is an infectious soul energy that cannot be missed.

The broken beat, shuffling swing of the album make it impossible not to move to. The beautifully paired string parts on ‘Gave My Heart’ layer in even more movement to catch the ear (and dancing feet). Guest vocalists and musicians are excellently matched; Floacist’s luscious breathy undertones on ‘Feeds My Mind’ balance sweetly with Omar’s distinctive vocal styles. The playful sax hook on ‘This Way, That Way’, the muted horns of ‘I Want it to Be’. Damn, it’s so varied but so, so good.

This album deserves your attention and coinage, so go buy yourself a copy from Freestyle Records now!