Little Dragon – High

#NewMusic from Gothenburg, Sweden

I mean as if you didn’t know already, but there is a new Little Dragon single out and they’re going to be touring this year.

The subject matter of ‘High’ is about as subtle as a saucepan to the face, as are the lyrics and the video. But, it’s Little Dragon so it’s obviously brilliant.

Radio Days – DV#4

A guest mix from DJ Hoodwink, a Mattafix special. Who could ask for more. Enjoy DV#4 and your Sunday.


Ghostface Killah / Be Easy
Grandmaster Flash / The Message
Jaylib / The Message
Talib Kweli / The Blast


Nick Drake / Hazey Jane 1
Talvin Singh / Butterfly
Mattafix / To and Fro

DJ Vadim / Non Lateral Hypothesis
Paolo Zavallone and His Orchestra / Yellow Fever
Al Green / Love and Happiness
Vikter Duplaix / Looking for Love (Bugz in the Attic Remix)


Shaun Escoffrey / Days Like This (Spinna & Ticklah Remix)
Theo Parish / Solitary Fight

*No tracklist unfortunately, trust us it was a good mix, Hoodwink was tip-top back in the day

Oddisee – The Iceberg

#NewMusic from Brooklyn, USA

There’s being musically prolific and then there’s Oddisee. The guy’s put out a full football team’s worth of albums since 2008*. Ok so two of them were with his crew Diamond District, but still, that’s one heck of back catalogue. This doesn’t include the mixtapes, EPs, guest appearances … we could go on.

His latest offering ‘The Iceberg’ is laced with the kind of deep and thoughtful lyrical content you would expect from such an astute MC. He isn’t shy of tackling the burning issues of the day. There’s talk about materialism on the bouncy track ‘Things’. Gender inequality gets tackled on ‘Hold It Back’ (“I make more than my sister, ‘cos I was born as a Mr. And I ain’t never been to college, and she graduated honours, yet the bosses think that I’m a better fit [uh]”). Then there’s his reflections on the development of racial tension within US communities on ‘You Grew Up’.

For us, one of the stand out features is the musical arrangement, particularly the clarity of the bass lines that underpin each track. They’re melodic and complex but never draw too much attention from the message that Oddisee’s words deliver.

We have to say, the Mello Music camp is damn hot right now. Grab your copy direct from Oddisee’s bandcamp page (along with many of his other relases).

* 101 (2008), Mental Liberation (2009), New Money (2009), In the Ruff (2009), Traveling Man (2010), People Hear What They See (2012), The Beauty In All (2013), Tangible Dream (2013), March on Washington (2014), The Good Fight (2015), The Iceberg (2017)

Jamiroquai – Cloud 9

What would happen if you crossed the video for ‘Cosmic Girl’ with the sound of ‘A Funk Odyssey’ (don’t worry this isn’t a terrible joke)? This…

With the new album ‘Automaton’ due at the end of March we got treated to another video today, this time for the track ‘Cloud 9’. Excited doesn’t even come close.