Phantom Island – Uncommon Species [EP]

#NewMusic from Zurich, Switzerland

Another strong release from Switzerland’s Phantom Island label. ‘Uncommon Species’ features efforts from Turning Tides (Lexx and Reto “Fu” Gaffuri) with Woolfy vocaling the tracks, and Florin Büchel (aka CCO). There’s also a bonus track from Volt Face on the vinyl version which you can (no longer) buy (‘cos it’s out of stock and time of printing) here. This has been lovingly re-crafted from the 1990 original release fresh for 2017.

Expect strong groove, dub style echoing guitars on the opener ‘Giving Me Everything’, a more industrial yet space age sound on ‘Cosmic Inflation’ (clue was in the name really wasn’t it), and a more aqueous sound on ‘Lullaby’. A fine blend we feel.

Pick up your copy from their bandcamp page.