Dutch Uncles – Big Balloon

#NewMusic from Salford, England

South Manchester four piece Dutch Uncles are back with their fifth album offering; ‘Big Balloon’. The alt-math-rock badge that has been slapped on them in the past still stands. Intricate guitar licks pepper the album, firing left to right in the stereo field to keep your mind alert.

There’s hints of 80s Bowie in the chorus of ‘Combo Box’ whist at the same time offering a taste of funk with its bassline. The bass sound achieved across the album is expansive and infectious, pushing you through each track on which it features, notably the 1-2 chug of the fun feeling ‘Oh Yeah’.

There are more reflective moments too; ‘Achameleon’ is simple in its construction starting with just a piano riff a vocal. The addition of strings, hints of choral vocals and splashes of other sounds as you journey through the song raise the tension and interest but at no stage is the message of the vocal overshadowed.

It’s another strong showing, an album that gets more enjoyable with every listen. Go grab a copy from their website today.