Ossie – Space Odyssey [EP]

#NewMusic from London, England

Boy do we love Ossie. We’ve seen a couple of his DJ sets and they never fail to impress. The same can be said about his own releases and remixes. The latest offering from camp Ossie is the ‘Space Odyssey’ EP.

Unsurprisingly the EP does everything its title tells you it will. Lead track ‘Space Odyssey’ takes you on an intergalactic space adventure with some awesomely jarring synths diving out of the stereo field as you journey through.

‘Wires’ is like landing on a new planet, watching the light of this alien land’s sun rise overhead revealing a native tribe shouting you down with a Mäori style haka before inviting you to party at their extraterrestrial tropical rave.

If ‘Wires’ is the party, then ‘Round the Way’ is the journey home afterwards. Slower in feel, it’s like the gradual unwinding of your mind after the epic trip you’ve just been taken on.

What stands out for us about Ossie’s tracks is that they have club-class like no other. You take the feeling of the track away with you and always want to go back for more. They’re packed full of interest, hooks and breaks, literally everything you want from a whole DJ set but jammed into a 5-6 minute song. Every sound cuts through the mix with intent and earns its place.

We see the tracks on this EP getting some heavy rotation in 2017 and beyond. Once again Ossie, we salute you and everything you do in music.