Slovenlie — Disaster [Drums Eat Everything Takeover]

We had the privilege of taking over the blogging duties on Drums Eat Everything last week. Guess what, they’re doing the same for us this week! We’ll pipe down and hand over to the don’s of new music discovery for the next word…

drumseateverythinglogo white bacground

What an honour to be guest posting on the terrific Dash ‘n’ Verve. This week we’ll be shouting about some of the most essential new artists which Drums Eat Everything have been getting excited about over the last year.

First up is South London’s Slovenlie with her track ‘Disaster’ which was our Record of the Week last April.

If you like what Drums Eat Everything are about, you can follow the Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud pages to stay in the loop with the latest new music goings on.


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