Orion X Kazumi – Phantom Record [EP]

#NewMusic from London, England

Whether it’s the delicately fingered piano motif of title track ‘Phantom Record’ or the grime-synth-strings meets naked-digital-kit hip-hop break of ‘Cognitive X’ this new EP from Orion X Kazumi should be going straight in your weekend playlist.

Four tracks in total, opening with ‘The Fourth World’, another exploration in leisurely piano work, propped up by a healthy dose of Dilla / Riggins drum loops. Closing track ‘IJUI Tree’ is more reflective. The bass takes a more leading role this time, smoothly walking its way around in 8 bar loops over the glides of the aqueous keys and loose beats, with their single mic set up feel.

Collect your copy from the HardJazz7 bandcamp page.

Spotted on Find Mag.