Jerry Folk – Purple Feelings feat. Rainsford

Hello Monday! Straight in this week with a new release from Jerry Folk. He flexes his warped hip-hop style on the bubbling ‘Purple Feelings’, topped off with a sultry vocal performance from Rainsford.

Toybox tinkles introduce you before the distorted toms build, preceding the siren sounding to announce the arrival of another punchy beat backdrop from Folk. Like the previous EP, ‘Purple Feelings’ holds no firm ties to any genre, taking influences from many from R&B vocals to pop chord progressions and flourishes. There are hip-hop beats and chopping and stretching of sounds to rival a DMC contender.

Norwegian producer Jerry Folk, who released his debut EP ‘The Kids Tape’ last year, will be circling the US on tour in June and July. His new mixtape ‘Purple Evenings’ is due early June 2017.

Spotted on The Record Stache.


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