Warm Digits – The Rumble and the Tremor feat. Devon Sproule

#NewMusic from Newcastle, England x Stony Point, USA

Newcastle duo Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis (a.k.a Warm Digits) have dropped ‘The Rumble and the Tremor’ a bounding synth-pop belter with vocals from Devon Sproule, as a teaser for their forthcoming album ‘Wireless World’.

The pumping up down of the bass, manic screeching of electronics, heavily effected guitars and layers of fast moving sharp synth runs gave us a Bloodhound Gang meets Hot Chip feel. Bringing those two together is a challenge, and one that these boys have taken on rather well. Sproule’s vocal is delivered in beautifully annunciated mildly condescending packages.

Warm Digits will release ‘Wireless World’ on Memphis Industries on Friday 4 August 2017.