Alemayehu Eshete – Alteleyeshegnem

#NewMusic Alemayehu Eshete is considered the golden voice of Ethopia

Alemayehu Eshete is considered the golden voice of Ethiopia. Since his first hit single ‘Seul’ in 1961 he has become the father figure of the soulful stream of Ethiopian music. In Ethiopia no other musician adapted the newest trends from the US soul scene as consequently as Alemayehu did.

With this new 7″ he continues his soulful approach on Ethiopian music. His funky classic Alteleyeshegnem is here re-interpreted by the Philophon house band in an even funkier way than the original. A tough beat is crisscrossed by mystic harmonies and a pumping bass line. Temar Ledje points out the sweet side of master Alemayehu. This is another classic tune that comes dosed with a rejuvenating cure by the Philophon production team. Just listen!

Alemayehu Eshete ‘Alteleyeshegnem’ is released¬†on 2 June through Philophon¬†on a delightful slice of 7″ vinyl.

Spotted on TwistedSoul. Words by Philophon.