Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Vula

Berlin’s Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra returns with its fourth album ‘Vula’. Having celebrated their ten year anniversary with a stunning series of concerts last year, the 18-piece’s new full-length showcases a stronger focus on harmony and melody.

A musical deluge of incredible breadth and depth, the title ‘Vula’ is taken from the Tumbuka language (spoken in the northern region of Malawi) and translates to tempest or thunderstorm. “Compared to what we get in Germany, rainstorms in Malawi are actually a lot heavier – they really shake your senses,” says the orchestra’s leader and saxophonist Daniel Glatzel, a frequent visitor of the area. “The storms in Malawi are announced by playful winds that arrive in the sweltering heat, and the giant clouds soon erupt into downpours that can last hours. The sky is utterly black, as the loud rain keeps hitting the earth incessantly. Plus, there’s the loud cracks of thunder, of course…”

We were treated to a sneak peak of the full length which we sat down to digest last night. The Mediterranean thunderstorm that was forecast, and which would have made a fitting backdrop to this modern orchestral marvel didn’t materialise. However this didn’t diminish our enjoyment one bit.

1. Vula
2. In Light of Turmoil
3. Lakta Makta Ha
4. qwetoipntv vjadfklvjieop
5. Interlude
6. J Schleia
7. Papaya Flyers IX Epsylon

We’ve cued this one up on the mp3 player for the next time we’re caught in a rainstorm so that we can get the full sensory experience.

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra ‘Vula’ is out 7 July on Alien Transistors.


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