Childhood – Universal High

If you’re looking for some good time vibes to soundtrack those dreamy afternoons in the balmy summer sun, then look no further than Childhood’s new full length ‘Universal High’.

The South London based group have melded reverb lashed lazy guitar riffs and soft organ / synth sounds with steady beat shuffles and uplifting vocal delivery on this, their second LP (following the release of their 2014 debut ‘Lacuna’).

Singles ‘California Light’ and ‘Cameo’ are definite highlights, offering contrasting interpretations on Childhood’s sonic styling. But don’t focus all your attention on just those two tracks, listen on and you’ll be treated to the likes of ‘Understanding’ a hypnotic slow groove with a glorious mirrored vocal / synth chorus melody. Or try out closing track ‘Monitor’ for size. We love it’s stand out bass loop and slap flourishes.

Childhood ‘Universal High’ is out now on Marathon Artists.




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