James Yuill – A Change In State

Sometimes an album just seems to fit with where you are in life. It might be the physical location you find yourself in, a frame of mind or a particular event. James Yuill’s fourth full length ‘A Change In State’ has been exactly that for us, and it could be for you too.

Yuill’s ability to stitch together seemingly disconnected sounds from a range of genres and influences into coherent and engaging songs really comes to the fore on this release. Take ‘Sorted’ as an example. The distorting bass rumbles make you feel like you’ve stepped a little too close to the Funktion One at a festival, but these are unexpectedly coupled with dainty metal tinkles and range of extraterrestrial glitchy flourishes. This all comes together into an altogether calming piece of music, softened further by Yuill’s warming vocal harmonies.

In terms of style and genre, the album’s hard to put in a single box. In fact it’s easy to get misled about the directional intention of a track or the album as a whole by listening to a single track in isolation. When we first heard the Siren-like vocal opening to Fire Breathing we were not expecting it open up with the skittering yet punchy beat that followed. ‘When In Flames’ conjured up images of a journey and a struggle some time in the far off future, but is then immediately followed by ‘Two Faces which placed us frolicking joyfully in folky fields. Well the first half of the track at least.

The fluctuating theme that rings throughout the album drew parallels for us with a recent acceptance that expecting events to follow the path they may initially indicate is no guarantee that they’ll take you to the point you might have imagined. But by letting go of the reins and enjoying the journey, more often than not things work out, and work out pretty damn well in the end.

James YuillA Change In State’ is out now on The Happy Biscuit Club.


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