Chip – League of My Own II

Back in 2007, Tottenham MC Chip dropped a mixtape; ‘League of My Own’. It was both a statement of intent and claim to future greatness. Over the following ten years Chip has lived up to this hype on multiple fronts; commercial chart success both in the UK and abroad, underground respect (as well as a few obligatory feuds) and a steady rise to establish himself as one of the key players in the Grime scene.

The follow up mixtape / album ‘League of My Own II’ brings all that he has learned over that ten year period into a diverse and infectious release that deserves a place on every serious observer of the UK music scene’s CD shelf.

You’ve got that casual yet ferocious Chip rasp on tracks like ‘Gets Like That’ and ’34 Shots’. Pop perfection is delivered through ‘Snap Snap’ with its tropical musical styles. He also blends the features of his contemporaries sounds into tracks yet still stamps them as his own; you’d know Donae’O was heavily involved in ‘Normal’ even without his trademark call out lying underneath.

The full team is assembled for ‘Scene’ which features none other than Jammer, D Double E, JME, Miraa May and Wiley. The video for the track sees them returning to the basement that so many legendary flows were spat for the Lord of the Mics battles (turns out it’s Jammer’s mum’s basement).

Some may have thought of Chip’s claim to be in a league of his own to be a little arrogant. We think that’s only true if he wasn’t able to back the statement up. Chip consistently has, as he’s shown it once again on his latest album. Go check it.

Chip ‘League of My Own II’ is out now.


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