Ghostpoet – Dark Days + Canapés

#AlbumReview Lugubrious tones and shakily tuned, gravelly vocals with cinematic majesty

Right off the bat Ghostpoet presented a sound that was uniquely his. His new album ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ shares the hallmark lugubrious tones and shakily tuned, gravelly vocals of the previous releases (‘Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam’ [2011], ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’ [2013] and ‘Shedding Skin’ [2015]) but this time with more cinematic majesty.

The use of swelling strings and sonar like bleeps on ‘(We’re) Dominoes’ place you on the bridge of submarine in a war strategy epic. ‘Live>Leave’ builds through the chorus as pristine pianos lock horns with jarring guitars in a classic good vs evil battle scene. What starts out as a slow walk home in the rain after being shunned at the dance by your beau on ‘Blind As a Bat…’ migrates to a much darker place as the track closes out. This is slickly followed by the vengeful sounding ‘Immigrant Boogie’.

With two Mercury Prize nominations under his belt for his previous three albums but no win, could this be the one that finally sees Ghostpoet take the gong? We will have to wait and see in 2018, but we reckon it’s should be a contender.

Ghostpoet ‘Dark Days + Canapés’ is out now on Play It Again Sam.