Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

So here’s a collaboration we were unsure about when it was first announced; QOTSA x Mark Ronson. I mean neither band are strangers to collaborations, but they were not the most obvious pairing to us. We’re open minded though, and you should be too about this album.

The druid chant meets sci-fi thriller intro to the album on ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’ stretches to nearly two minutes before any real guitar fuzz and drum clout comes in. The impact of the drop doesn’t then slap you in the face though, there’s a bit more subtlety to it. A more playful feel, much less angsty.

This theme comes up again on the good times 70s rock sounding tracks ‘The Way You Used To’ and ‘Head Like A Haunted House’ (which features an underlying guitar riff that comes straight out of the Rossi / Parfitt playbook). It’s almost like you’ve walked into an episode of the Old Grey Whistle Test. Hey, we’re definitely on board with that.

There are songs which sound more like the QOTSA of old; ‘Domesticated Animals’ and ‘Un-Reborn Again’ for example, but even they have huge smatterings of synthesis which pull their sound back a few decades (there’s even a flipping sax solo on that track). In summary, don’t expect more of what you’ve heard before from QOTSA. Do expect a progression in sound, which in truth is exactly what we should expect from great bands, and QOTSA are are great, great band. Hat’s off gents.

Queens of the Stone Age ‘Villains’ is out now.


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