D Double E – Shenanigans

Once again, D Double E has delivered the Grime goods. A big beat (courtesy of Swifta Beater), quality rhymes (“Them man come like Ian Beale. Us man move like Grant and Phil”) and a hype video (see below).

It’s no fluke though, D Double E videos are always tip top. Original ideas, classic lines and D Double E just being a don. Here’s a few of our favourites.

Anyone that can blend the names of the full cast of Street Fighter into a tune is on top of their game. Well, D Double E did it on this DJ Swerve produced track. Our personal favourite “Give me the mic and let me ride the riddim, cos I spit the fire just like Dhalsim”.

Funk vibes, Swindle on production, plenty of “reem reem” and “ba da bup bup”. It’s just a day in the life of D Double E.

D Double E ‘Shenanigans’ is out now on Bluku Music.


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