Drums Eat Everything – DV Mix (2017)

Drums Eat Everything never miss a beat, literally. A week of top notch new music on their blog takeover and now a mix of the utmost quality bringing together these tracks a few extra bonus features for fun. We literally couldn’t have asked for more.


Weslee ‘Gassed’
Krrum ‘Moon’
Snow Culture ‘No Sleep’
TWINKIDS ‘Overdressed’
Zola Blood ‘Nothing’
Charlotte Dos Santos ‘Red Clay’
Fortunes. ‘Linen’
S4U ‘Too Much’

Want more top quality new music? Check out Drums Eat Everything’s blog and give them a shout on social. Tell all your friends about the awesome mix too!

Much love for the selections, although we don’t quite agree that drums do eat everything. We say they need their good friend the bass to make music more digestible. Final week next week, check back tomorrow to find out who as we unveil their first pick.


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