Opeth – Sorceress [Tom Mayle Takeover]

The final week of our escape to the country is upon us and we have one more guest blogger taking over. This week we are honoured to welcome the musical musings of Tom Mayle, a guitarist, luthier, guitar tone champion and all round music aficionado.

With a record collection that is as diverse as it is large, we were fortunate enough to spend some time over the summer delving through some of the new vinyl he’s picked up in 2017. Whilst not all of his selections this week were released this year, they were all new to Tom’s collection on wax, and that worked for us.

First up are Swedish rockers Opeth with their latest album ‘Sorceress. Tom picked out ‘The Ward’ as his stand out track on the album. Mellow keys, a constantly moving bass line and close to folk guitar and vocal break downs. Maybe not what you’d expect from the heavy metal outfit, but a song delivered with sublime class nonetheless, and of course, superbly recorded.

Opeth ‘The Ward’ is taken from the album ‘Sorceress out now on Nuclear Blast Records.


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