The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome [Tom Mayle Takeover]

It’s the final day of Tom Mayle’s week of top album picks on Dash ‘n’ Verve and boy have we enjoyed his choices. Each stand out track featured has come from an album Tom picked up on vinyl in 2017 (they all sounded pretty incredible on his LP12 when he gave them a spin this summer).

Not only does Tom appreciate a good guitar lick, he’s a brilliant guitarist himself. He even makes the damn things (take a look at his handy work for The Tone Workshop)! It comes as no surprise then that for his final pick he’s has drawn for one of the most iconic guitar bands ever to exist; The Rolling Stones, with their late 2016 cover album ‘Blue & Lonesome’.

The song Tom has chosen from the album is from an equally iconic guitarist, the Mississippi bluesman Howlin Wolf’s ‘Commit A Crime’. Whilst the riff remains the same throughout Jagger, Richards et al. deliver it with aplomb flipping between typical blues based story telling and ripping harmonica solos.

If you want to listen back to any of Tom’s picks this week, just click here. Let him know what you think by giving him a shout on social.

The Rollings Stones ‘Commit A Crime’ is on ‘Blue & Lonesome’ released on Polydor.


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