Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

#Flashback Quite possibly the most worn out CD in our collection

I never, ever want the literally hundreds of hours I spent learning every bassline from this album back. They were almost certainly the happiest hours of my childhood.

25 years ago to the day Rage Against The Machine’s debut album came blasting onto the scene with the debut single ‘Killing In The Name’ arriving the day before.

The combination of Zack de la Rocha’s fierce, insightful lyrics, Tom Morello’s effect laden, screaming guitar, Tim Commerford’s punchy, growling bass lines and Brad Wilk’s militantly powerful drums came together in the most compelling of ways for me, way before I understood the meaning in their message.

Time to dust off the CD, dig out the CD player from the loft and plug it into that old amp and speaker set that never gets used any more. Turn it up real loud and let yourself go.

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