5 Must See Acts – Dot to Dot Nottingham (2017)

#FestivalPreview Our ‘5 Must See Acts’ playing at Dot 2 Dot Festival in Nottingham

The third and final day of Dot 2 Dot previews and this time we’re going the extra mile and giving you “5 Must See Acts”. There are over 150 acts listed for the Nottingham leg of the festival which takes place on Sunday 28 May. Yep, you’ve guessed it, we listened to the lot. Here’s our selection.

Luke Peter Foster (@LukePeterFoster)

Yes we did do a review of his EP It’s Even When It Pours earlier in the week, and boy are we pleased to see that he’s bringing his mellow spoken word vibes to Nottingham.

Where: The Ned Ludd, 27 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DA
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 17:00

Cherry Hex & The Dream Church (@CHandtheDC)

Eerie, minimal electro-pop fronted with ever so slightly sultry vocals. Oh, and a xylophone.

Where: Rough Trade, 5 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AJ
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 17:00

Three Body Trio (@ThreeBodyTrio)

Stuttering beats, dub-style production and oh so much groove. If Dilla and Spacek had linked up more and invited Flying Lotus along to the party, it may have sounded like this.

Where: Malt Cross, 16 St James’s Street, Nottingham NG1 6FG
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 18:00

Patawawa (@patawawa)

Gloriously infectious disco-pop from this Matlock trio. You won’t fail to smile during their set.

Where: The Orange Tree, 38 Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 4FQ
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 18:00

Shelter Point (@_shelterpoint)

Joining the dots between dreams and nightmares through music that has both glass like delicacy and bass sounds that are bouncier than a trampoline.

Where: Rough Trade, 5 Broad Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AJ
Showtime: Sunday 28 May @ 22:00

Nottingham definitely looks to be offering up something different and with these guys all on the roster it’s sure to be a great closing day to Dot 2 Dot. As always, get out and support this awesome new music in all its live glory.

4 Must See Acts – Dot to Dot Bristol (2017)

#FestivalPreview Our ‘4 Must See Acts’ playing at Dot 2 Dot Festival in Bristol

Day 2 of 3 in our round up of “Must See Acts” at Dot 2 Dot Festival. Once again, we’ve joyfully listened through tracks by every act to bring you our pick of the bunch. Today it’s 4 crackers that will be gracing the stages of the Bristol leg on Saturday 27 May.

Stone Cold Fiction (@stonecoldtweets)

They describe their sound as “swampy-blues-rock”. That works for us! There are moments of intimacy and flourishes of intricacy peppered in between the high tempo riffage and smash-the-shit-out-of-the-kit drumming. This will be a fun gig.

Where: The Lanes, 22 Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 13:30

Harvey Causon (@HCauson)

We’ve had an eye on young Harvey for a while after listening to some of his work through link ups with Maya Law and Cabrakid. Indie-pop over an ethereal bed of sounds and a voice that feels as if its pleading and pained, but that you cannot tear yourself away from.

Where: Fopp, 29-29 College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TD
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 17:30

4th Project (@4th_Project)

Quite literally the first band we reviewed and we were sold from the start. Otherworldly ambience, shimmering guitar lines and a vocal that holds you in right until the last breath.

Where: BrewDog, 58 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1QW
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 18:30

Milo’s Planes (@MilosPlanes)

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! How a band is able to pack so much power, energy and grunt into a 1:21 song is beyond us. Milo’s Planes however have that locked down. It’s noisy parcels of guitar, bass and drum based havoc that has to seen live.

Where: The Gryphon, 41 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5AP
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 20:30

Different ends of the musical spectrum this bunch, but all mega in their own right. Don’t miss them if you’re there.

4 Must See Acts – Dot to Dot Manchester (2017)

#FestivalPreview Our ‘4 Must See Acts’ playing at Dot 2 Dot Festival in Manchester

Continuing with our festival previews me turn to Dot 2 Dot; a festival which takes place in venues across 3 UK cities on consecutive days over the late May Bank Holiday. Today we start with Manchester which will kick the festival off on Friday 26 May.

As well as some great headliners, nearly 100 local acts were also announced to play in many of the cities fine musical venues. We’ve listened to them all and here’s our short list of “4 Must See Acts”.

Larkins (@larkinsband)

We’re totally hooked on Larkins’ blend of tropical rhythms, funk-flecked bass, reverb soaked guitar and playful vocals. Super fun indie rock that has to be heard.

Where: The Ruby Lounge, 28-34 High Street, Manchester, M4 1QB
Showtime: Friday 26 May @ 16:15

marsicans (@marsicans)

Stunning vocal harmonies, polyrhythmic guitar verses and tear out grunge laced choruses. Magic!

Where: Kosmonaut, 10 Tariff Street, Manchester, M1 2FF
Showtime: Friday 26 May @ 19:00

Iora (@IORAmusic)

Layers of gentle folk vocals over stripped back electronic beats and acoustic elements make for an absorbing listen.

Where: Tiger Lounge, 5 Cooper Street, Manchester, M2 2FW
Showtime: Friday 26 May @ 20:15

Corella (@Corellamnc)

It’s good time guitar led pop and sing along vocal hooks all the way from this Manchester quartet. We reckon their upbeat vibe will illuminate a live stage so well worth a look.

Where: Kosmonaut, 10 Tariff Street, Manchester, M1 2FF
Showtime: Friday 26 May @ 23:00

Manchester is a belting city for live music and we have no doubts that this lot will do it and Dot 2 Dot Festival proud. Get out and support their shows as well as the many other great acts.

9 Must See Acts – The Great Escape (2017)

#FestivalPreview Our ‘9 Must See Acts’ playing at The Great Escape in Brighton

In two weeks time Brighton will become a new music metropolis for the weekend as the town’s venues open their doors for the annual music festival and conference – The Great Escape. With over 400 acts representing 28 countries playing it can be tough to choose who to go and see. Fear not, we have taken the time to listen to every single one (no seriously, we have) and put together a short list of “9 Must See Acts”.

Gardna (@gardnauk)

Tip-top dubby beats and positive flows. We loved his spin on ‘Push Things 4ward’ for Brapp TV the other month.

Where: The Hope & Ruin, 11-12 Queens Road, BN1 3WA
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 14:30

Howl (@Howldem)

Bounding drums, layer upon layer of guitars and great vocals dished up with a splash of psychedelia.

Where: Sallis Benney Theatre, 58-67 Grand Parade, BN2 0JY
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 18:45

Rejjie Snow (@rejjiesnow)

He’s from where? Dublin. What US state is that in again? With rhymes and beats to take on the best in the business stateside, Ireland’s Rejjie Snow is an absolute must see.

Where: Wagner Hall, Regency Road, BN1 2RT
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 22:00

Jacques (#JacquesAuberger)

Blending milk bottle drums, synth swells with soft sweet French vocals. For a masterclass in making music with literally anything you can find in your house, check this video he did for Cactus Club. He may also have the best hair do in the biz.

Where: Komedia Studio, 44-47 Gardner Street, BN1 1UN
Showtime: Thursday 18 May @ 23:15

EAT FAST (@eatfastmusic)

Raucous guitar riffage and battered drums with a surfer dude undertone. Don’t ask them to cook you breakfast.

Where: Horatio’s, Brighton Pier, Madeira Drive, BN2 1TW
Showtime: Friday 19 May @ 20:15

Code Walk (#CodeWalk)

Stripped back electronic bubblers with plenty of squelch. Their link up with fellow Great Escape performers Smerz on ‘Guess What’ will take your mind to some curious places. We’re excited to see what else they’ve got on their hard drive.

Where: Komedia Studio, 44-47 Gardner Street, BN1 1UN
Showtime: Friday 19 May @ 00:30

Blue Lab Beats (@BlueLabBeats)

Their ‘Blue Skies’ EP is one of the most vibey compilations of music we’ve heard in a long time. With hints of jazz, soul and hip-hop, duo NK-OK and Mr DM are at the forefront of the UK’s nu-jazz scene.

Where: Marine Room – Harbour Hotel, 64 King’s Rd, BN1 1NA
Showtime: Saturday 20 May @ 14:30

Nova Twins (@NovaTwinsMusic)

Absolutely nailing that grunty bass sound then chucking some attitude ridden lyrics into the mix for good measure.

Where: Prince Albert, 48 Trafalgar Street, BN1 4ED
Showtime: Saturday 20 May @ 19:30

Bad Sounds (@realbadsounds)

If you want to have some fun, we reckon Bad Sounds are the band for you. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously and make some great Beck-esq sounds.

Where: Horatio’s, Brighton Pier, Madeira Drive, BN2 1TW
Showtime: Saturday May @ 21:00

Logistically you may have to get your roller skates on to dart between a few of these gigs, but we’re certain you won’t be disappointed.

We also highly recommend the following acts, all of whom we have featured here on Dash ‘n’ Verve in the past: Smerz, Shogun, Anna Straker, Poppy Ajudha, Middle Kids, Liv Dawson, Flamingods, North Downs, Chinah, Coco, Abra Cadabra, Alyss.

Worldwide Festival, Sète '15

DV is making its annual pilgrimage to the delightful Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France (Gard [30] département to be precise) where the weather, wine and historic towns with their Roman artefacts offers much to get excited about. This year however will be a little different, we’re heading to Worldwide Festival, Sète ’15, the excellently curated festival creation of Gilles Peterson. Back this year for its tenth edition in the French coastal town of Sète, Worldwide Festival has all the ingredients for a perfect international music fuelled escape. On y va!

So what are the elements that make this the (in our humble opinion) the festival destination of the summer.


150508 - Gilles Peterson

Nothing short of an industry legend, Gilles Peterson has built his Worldwide music brand through an exquisite ear for eclectic audible treats, a radio platform that sends musical nuggets to the masses, an award ceremony that hails the champions of these sounds and a festival that showcases them live.

Need we say anything more about the promise that Peterson’s helmsmanship of the Worldwide Festival boat brings. Let’s see what’s in store…


With sets being delivered by acts from places as far flung from France as Almaty – Kazakhstan (Rustam Ospanov), Hyōgo Prefecture – Japan (Daisuke Tanabe) and Havana – Cuba (Daymé Arocena) the line up absolutely lives up to the festival’s name.

Sadly, we’re only around for the second part of the festival so we’ll be missing out on the likes of Roy Ayers, Lil Simz, James Blake and The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band.

But there’s much to look forward to, like; Floating Points, Leon Vynehall, Seven Davis Jr and Osunlade.


Playing across five stages around Sète (1. Beach Stage, 2. Théâtre de la Mer, 3. St. Christ, 4. Crac, 5. Criée), you get amazing seaside vistas, glorious sunshine, wine from one of the finest regions in France and all soundtracked by Peterson’s sublime mixtape selection.

150709 - Worldwide Festival Map

As a great lady once said, bliss!