Sneakers – Come Around Sundown

#NewMusic from Auckland, New Zealand

Sneakers is a soul filled collaborative community of musicians and artists from the streets of Auckland, New Zealand. Their debut track ‘Come Around Sundown’ has got us nostalgic about the summer that has just gone (and is probably just arriving in NZ). Ah that sultry sax at sundown would be so sweet (enough alliteration already!). Have a listen, you’ll like it.

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Mauwe – That’s All

#NewMusic from Bristol, England

We had to get this one in before we head off for our month long internet escape in the countryside. Mauwe (m-oh-ee) are Jay and Portia, are a pairing that have been in and around each other’s lives for years, having played the same gig at the age of 15, worked in the same restaurant in Stratford Upon Avon, and coincidentally moved to Bristol around the same time to pursue music. After a chance encounter in a bar, they vowed to jam and formed Mauwe​ ​very quickly afterwards.

Their debut track ‘That’s All’ is gentle, touching and reflective in its verses then cathartical and optimistic in the choruses. We eagerly await more from this Bristol based duo.

Mauwe ‘That’s All’ is out now.

Haiku Hands – Not About You

#NewMusic from Sydney x Melbourne, Australia

The debut single from Aussie rave-popsters Haiku Hands ‘Not About You’ is exactly how they describe it; “four to the floor, pop till you drop”. Oh, and for the record we are 100% on board with their pronunciation of the word “arse” in this song. Such good fun this one.

Haiku Hands ‘Not About You’ is out now.

Shouts to Drums Eat Everything for the nod on this one.

HALEM – Do You Miss Me Now

#NewMusic from Liverpool, England

It’s not often you get a Liverpudlian and a Mancunian seeing eye to eye, especially when it comes to music. Thankfully Katy Bryson and Reece Cairns, who together make up HALEM, do get along and together they produce pretty awesome electro-pop.

On new single ‘Do You Miss Me Now’ Bryson’s vocals soar with effortless power over Cairns’ equally gutsy slow beat, bass swells and oriental sounding hook. It’s damn catchy this one.

HALEM ‘Do You Miss Me Now’ is out now.

olive b – no(w)here

#NewMusic from Toronto, Canada

Toronto based “singer, songwriter, freestyler” olive b has presented a pretty sweet debut mixtape; ‘no(w)here’ for our aural pleasure. Vocally the tracks range from heavily effected (see ‘stay the night’) to naked exposure, as felt on ‘for you’. Each different style showcases olive b’s versatility as an artist. Sonically you’ll travel through a night of psychedelic swirls on ‘journey’ then later find yourself gliding on the atmospheric mellow wave of ‘photographs’.

olive b ‘no(w)here’ is out now.

Spotted on House of Lords.