alayna – High Off You

#NewMusic from Brooklyn, USA

Remember alayna? Well if you liked her awesome debut single Falling Autumn then you’re going to dig her follow up ‘High Off You’ too. It’s got a mellow shimmering vibe to it with her beautiful vocals gliding over the sensual guitar licks and super slick Maths Time Joy production.

alayna ‘High Off You’ (produced by Maths Time Joy) is out now on 20xx.

alayna – Falling Autumn

#NewMusic from Brooklyn, USA

Newcomer alayna offers beautifully soft and sweet vocals on her debut ‘Falling Autumn’. Presented over a bed of clean guitar licks, a thick slab of slow bass drones and atmospheric sounds to drift away to, it’s a heady combo and well worth a look.

Production from Astronomyy. Released on 20xx.