BEACH RIOT – She’s a Hurricane

#NewMusic from Brighton, England

Wake up! It’s Wednesday. The Brighton fuzz peddling foursome are back with their fiercest track to date

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BEACH RIOT – Slackers

#NewMusic from Brighton x London, England

We said we were excited to hear what else BEACH RIOT had to say for themselves when we reviewed their single Mr Fixer a couple of months back. Well here’s the answer; ‘Slackers’

You know the drill, huge, fuzzy, angry guitars in the chorus, mellow it out a little in the verse to let the vocals take centre stage. The Brighton / London four piece (Rory O’Connor, Cami Menditeguy, Jim Faulkner, Jonny Ross) know how to play this card very well and have absolutely nailed it, again, on their latest single.

BEACH RIOT ‘Slackers’ is out now.


#NewMusic Brighton x London, England

A hefty whack of full face fuzz guitar, drums getting a ruddy good smashing and a great use of vocals that remain on the brink of shouting but still have all the impact of a good old holler.

We’re excited to hear what else this foursome have got to say for themselves. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be grunty, fuzzy and a bit narked.

BEACH RIOT play The Lock Tavern, Camden on Thursday 25 May 2017.