Orion X Kazumi – Phantom Record [EP]

#NewMusic from London, England

Whether it’s the delicately fingered piano motif of title track ‘Phantom Record’ or the grime-synth-strings meets naked-digital-kit hip-hop break of ‘Cognitive X’ this new EP from Orion X Kazumi should be going straight in your weekend playlist.

Four tracks in total, opening with ‘The Fourth World’, another exploration in leisurely piano work, propped up by a healthy dose of Dilla / Riggins drum loops. Closing track ‘IJUI Tree’ is more reflective. The bass takes a more leading role this time, smoothly walking its way around in 8 bar loops over the glides of the aqueous keys and loose beats, with their single mic set up feel.

Collect your copy from the HardJazz7 bandcamp page.

Spotted on Find Mag.

Luke Peter Foster – Even When It Pours [EP]

#NewMusic Nottingham, England

Thoughtful spoken word from the East of England (now residing in Nottingham) courtesy of Luke Peter Foster. Delivered over a bed of delicate guitar flourishes, gentle beats and ever so slightly discordant pianos. The ‘Even When It Pours’ EP is a marker in the map for an alternative rap movement that is gaining momentum daily in the UK.

If you like this, you’ll love fellow East Anglians (Angles, Anglanites …?) Maya Law, Allergy Kid and High Priest Cabrakan (together as Cabrakid).

Cabrakid – Busy With Another

So we wanted to round out the year with a return to Norfolk and bring you another bit of hot East Anglian property. No it’s not a beach house at Wells-next-the-Sea, it’s Cabrakid and their 2016 mixtape ‘Busy With Another’.

So, who dem!? Cabrakid are the combined efforts of producer Allergy Kid and wordsmith High Priest Cabrakan. We featured the former in our review of his double up with Maya Law – ‘Her or Him’ earlier this month. The latter also features on this mixtape but it is on ‘Busy With Another’ that he is given the space to let his talents truly shine.

From the upbeat opener ‘Where I Am’ to the murky depths of ‘Viera’, the dream like ‘Long Run’ right through to the saxophone smoothness of closing track ‘My Name’, the mixtape is rich with exquisitely extracted samples, personally reflective lyrics and a whole magic box of production tricks.

There is an accomplishment to the structures of the songs, chopping of samples, lyrical content and delivery that indicates a talent way beyond their current notoriety. Having supported the excellent Loyle Carner earlier this year, their sound is already being put on the right kind of bills to build the base that will pave the way to their musical stock growing.

Keep those ears peeled for more from these gents in 2017, apparently it’s forthcoming. For Dash ‘n’ Verve in 2016 though, it’s over and out.