Profusion – Where Do I Begin?

#AlbumReview There’s a wide variety of styles and influences represented on the album, but not at the expense of diluting what will inevitably come to be recognised as the distinctive Profusion sound

Next Friday sees the release of the debut full length offering from London duo Profusion. Entitled ‘Where Do I Begin?’ the album brings together the strength of a UK soul voice that stands atop the game right now (Emeson) with a production style honed through releases on labels such as Wild Oats and Eglo (K15 a.k.a Kieron Ifill). You can hear for yourself on the album’s title track which showcases these elements with clarity and finesse.

The combination of lethargic beats and scintillating mid range synth swells that develop and vary in tempo as the track grows with Emeson’s distinctive vocal stylings make for an enthralling experience. The occasional snap and plummeting bass drone are balanced by the ascending pattern that closes the track out.

There’s a wide variety of styles and influences represented on the album, but not at the expense of diluting what will inevitably come to be recognised as the distinctive Profusion sound.

The drum sound is consistently crisp, even on more dubby offerings like ‘A Long Walk’ (look out for the beautiful change of direction as you enter the chorus on this one). A rapid patter of hats on ‘Time’s Up’ acts like a hyper speed second hand on a clock, reminding you of the subject’s impending fate. Emeson’s vocal on the track articulates the story through a wash of reverb that moves across the chorus like a gust of wind. The finest example of the drum production for us is the skittering beat of “Messages’ which, once it clicks in, remains as this hypnotic constant centred in the stereo field whilst a sea of sonics envelop your ears from all angles.

More organic piano and kit sounds come together on the song of hope ‘Starz’ where Emeson tells us that despite “standing in the rain again, looking at my starz again, I’ll keep trying, I’ll keep striving”. We wanted this one to keep building before the terminal swirl and sparkle broke. Then again, why would you stand and dwell on things when you’re outside in the rain? Move on and strive for more.

What we have here is an album steeped in class and showcasing two individual talents that when together are able to build something greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Profusion release ‘Where Do I Begin?’ on First World Records on Friday 9 June 2017. You can pre-order it now from their bandcamp.

Jynx – Saffron City [EP]

#NewMusic from London, England

Eugh! How did we let this one slip through in January. We heard Jynx remixing for Alyss on her cracker ‘T S I E R’ last year and now we can enjoy a release of their very own with the ‘Saffron City’ EP.

The mood moves from mellow on ‘Ember’ to a mysterious darkness on ‘Calm Mind’. Cleverly chopped vocals blend in seamlessly to round out the sound.