Milo’s Planes – Individual Development Plan

#NewMusic from Bristol, England

After Milo’s Planes caught our eye when picking our ‘4 Must See Acts‘ at Dot 2 Dot Bristol, we got very excited to see they had an album coming out soon too. Well, ‘Individual Development Plan’ has certainly arrived! A furious 12 track rampage through the musical minds of this animated Bristol 4 piece, and short enough to listen to twice in your lunch break with time to spare.

There’s no mucking about with this lot, they’re throwing punk petrol on the fire right off the bat with Nomads I’, a raucous instrumental that feeds seamlessly into the sound of a desert sunset psychedelic-smoke-out during the intro to ‘Nomads II’. It’s not long in that track though before the peace of the camp fire is trampled on by another guitar, bass, drum + shout romp.

Flashes of that psychedelia return part way through ‘Splinters’ but the album is really a modern take on punk. You do get wafts of hillbilly rock (see the main riff of ‘Looped Horizons’) and blues (check the opening guitar salvo on ‘Inertia) sprinkled in there to throw you off the scent. Only momentarily mind!

Joint second shortest song on the album* ‘Beach Bodies’ winds you up into its frenzied peak. Quickly at first, through the whirl of the bass and military snare roll stabs. Then more patiently, over two rounds, before you’re chucked into another mosh of rapid fire guitar work.

The recording is raw, and whilst not feeling heavily produced, you are able to hear with incredible clarity and definition the detail of every part that make up the volley of sounds the band appear to be able to fire out.

Their ability to pack such high-volumes of energy into such short bursts is inhumanly good. Someone should investigate how they do it and use it to improve the battery life of our laptop so that we can stream this album more times without needing to recharge.

Milo’s Planes ‘Individual Development Plan’ is out now on Gravy Train Recordings.

* ‘Beach Bodies’ and ‘Looped Horizons’ are both 1:48 long. The longest track is closer ‘Kings’ at 3:02, and that’s the only track over 3 minutes long. ‘Fidget In Paralysis’ is the shortest at 1:22, although probably has the highest power / minute ratio of any track on the album.

4 Must See Acts – Dot to Dot Bristol (2017)

#FestivalPreview Our ‘4 Must See Acts’ playing at Dot 2 Dot Festival in Bristol

Day 2 of 3 in our round up of “Must See Acts” at Dot 2 Dot Festival. Once again, we’ve joyfully listened through tracks by every act to bring you our pick of the bunch. Today it’s 4 crackers that will be gracing the stages of the Bristol leg on Saturday 27 May.

Stone Cold Fiction (@stonecoldtweets)

They describe their sound as “swampy-blues-rock”. That works for us! There are moments of intimacy and flourishes of intricacy peppered in between the high tempo riffage and smash-the-shit-out-of-the-kit drumming. This will be a fun gig.

Where: The Lanes, 22 Nelson Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 13:30

Harvey Causon (@HCauson)

We’ve had an eye on young Harvey for a while after listening to some of his work through link ups with Maya Law and Cabrakid. Indie-pop over an ethereal bed of sounds and a voice that feels as if its pleading and pained, but that you cannot tear yourself away from.

Where: Fopp, 29-29 College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TD
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 17:30

4th Project (@4th_Project)

Quite literally the first band we reviewed and we were sold from the start. Otherworldly ambience, shimmering guitar lines and a vocal that holds you in right until the last breath.

Where: BrewDog, 58 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1QW
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 18:30

Milo’s Planes (@MilosPlanes)

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! How a band is able to pack so much power, energy and grunt into a 1:21 song is beyond us. Milo’s Planes however have that locked down. It’s noisy parcels of guitar, bass and drum based havoc that has to seen live.

Where: The Gryphon, 41 Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5AP
Showtime: Saturday 27 May @ 20:30

Different ends of the musical spectrum this bunch, but all mega in their own right. Don’t miss them if you’re there.