Great News – Never Get My Love

#NewMusic Fusing 90s Madchester beats with hazy tropical soundscapes


Smerz – Sure

You may be thinking we've just got back from a holiday in Norway based on this week's offerings so far. As it happens we've never even been to Norway, but we'd like to, particularly based on the strength of the country's current musical output. If you think you recognise the name Smerz, it's probably from their but-bopping track "Because" … Continue reading Smerz – Sure

BAYA – Loon / A Call To Say Hello

We always like checking in and seeing what friends of DV are up to these days, even more so when they have new music that we can share with y'all. You may be familiar with BAYA's work under a previous guise (see the DV post of 15/06/13) but let's focus on the now. Late last week, BAYA (a.k.a Andrew Murray … Continue reading BAYA – Loon / A Call To Say Hello

Eye Emma Jedi – Sin

Making your band easily Googleable is a challenge faced by many new bands starting out. You want a name that is unique, catchy, easily spelt and, most importantly, something that won't be confused for something altogether different when you punch it in to your favourite search engine. An article from earlier this year charted the … Continue reading Eye Emma Jedi – Sin