Niia – Nobody (The Pheels Remix)

#NewMusic from New York x Atlanta, USA

Don’t you just love it when two of your favourite new discoveries come together to create musical magic? We do, and that’s exactly what you can expect on Niia ‘Nobody (The Pheels Remix)’. The track pairs the emotive sass of Niia’s vocal with the R&B bump you’d expect from The Pheels, delivered over an infectious dance beat.

Niia ‘Nobody (The Pheels Remix)’ is out now.

The Pheels – The Realness

#NewMusic from Atlanta, USA

Something laid back but still with high levels of groove from Atlanta duo Curtis Fields and Phil Jones. The shuffle of the drums, the descending harp and soulful vocal delivery, damn! That’s Friday night’s vibe set.

Check The Pheels and their back catalogue of tunes, including new track ‘The Pheels’ on their SoundCloud now.