The Dash ‘n’ Verve Show #4 (28.1.18)

#Radio More #NewMusic as featured on the blog, plus interviews with Daisy, Dead Slow Hoot, Saint Clair and Maia Quin

More #NewMusic as featured on the blog this week plus interviews with Daisy, Dead Slow Hoot, Saint Clair and Maia Quin. Listen, share, enjoy.


Zoology / Sakura

Daisy / Broken Glass

Verbz / Slumflowers

Dead Slow Hoot / Clare Delmar

SWVN / Epimetheus

Saint Clair / Human Touch

Maia Quin / Heavy Hitter

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Zoology – Sakura

#NewMusic from Portland, USA

A band that were regular visitors to the pages of Dash ‘n’ Verve in 2017 are back with the ‘Bloom’ EP. Other than the excellent Maroon and 100° which we’ve already featured, ‘Sakura’ really stood out as a differentiator for this duo. It blends hints of funk guitars with industrial machine like beats that feel like they have been fed through a 90s computer. As always the vocals are a delicate foil. Will we get an album in 2018, let’s hope so.

#NewMusic from Portland, USA

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Zoology – 100°

#NewMusic from Portland, USA

Zoology are, well, a bit of an enigma. We think there’s two of them in the band, which is the same as the number of great tracks of theirs we’ve now featured on the blog. Here’s their latest one ‘100°, a sparse glitchy affair with candy floss sweet vocals.

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Zoology – Maroon

#NewMusic from Portland, USA

How’s this one to brighten up your Monday? Zoology ‘Maroon’ opens with delicate finger picked guitars and soft vocals before the glitch-tinged beat kicks in and whisks you away to a summer field of dance delight.

Zoology ‘Maroon’ is out now.